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Core 4 Safety Courses

The UK is one of the most stringently regulated working environments in the world and has one of the lowest incident rates. Its companies and workers are required by law to continuously demonstrate that they operate to the highest safety levels. At the pinnacle of this safety performance are the exacting standards of the Oil and Gas Industry where the mantra is 'Safety First’. 

For over twenty years, Atlas Knowledge has been providing the eLearning courses that inform and assess workers in both the UK and international Oil and Gas industries. These products have been developed in collaboration with industry experts from some of the largest corporations in the world to ensure that their employees are kept safe and legislatively compliant. Atlas is now making these courses available to industries beyond Oil and Gas, such as construction, manufacturing and transportation who share similarly hazardous working environments. 

Our analysis and cross-referencing of these safety critical industries focussed on the most frequently recorded incidents that have caused the greatest harm to people and companies. This damage could be to people, the environment, plant and equipment or to a business’s reputation.

Interestingly, our research highlighted a common trend across all these industries. According to HSE statistics, the same incident causes were in the top four reported across all sectors. These topics were also amongst the most popular online course titles our corporate clients use

  • Falls from Height account for 28% of Fatal injuries and 7% of Non-fatal injuries
  • Injuries from lifting / handling account for 22% of Non-fatal injuries
  • Slips and trips account for 29% of Non-fatal injuries
  • Being struck by an object accounts for 10% of Non-fatal injuries


It is estimated that there was a cost of £5.3million to the UK from work-related injuries in 2015/16.

Atlas has combined these safety critical topics into an exclusive online bundle covering Working at Height (40mins), Manual Handling (30mins), Slips, Trips and Falls (15mins) and Dropped Objects (45mins). These courses provide the essential awareness-level knowledge required for people working in safety critical industries across the world. Built in reference to globally recognized standards, including IOSH, RoSPA, OSHA and CPD, the courses ensure that workers are trained to the highest standards and their employers are legislatively compliant.​


“In the oil industry there have been many initiatives to try and increase awareness of dropped objects, but we continue to see these year on year. Sometimes people can become so focussed on their jobs they may forget the spanner they laid on the H beam or the scrapper on the vessel. This course is a good reminder of the dangers of dropped objects.” 


“Manual handling can be overlooked when planning tasks and more focus is given to what is deemed as higher risk activities. It’s a good reminder for everyone on the importance of using correct manual handling techniques and asking the question, do we need to manually lift this?”


“Walking to and from worksites continues to be an area where colleagues slip, trip and fall, which often results in injury. The injuries often sustained can be long lasting and keep you from working for significant amounts of time. This course is a great refresher tool or an introduction to new starts.”


“Due to the nature of work, falls from height often result in severe injury or death. Obey the rules even when people are not watching. Compliant operations are generally safe operations.  This course could form the foundation stone of work at height training, a good start to build employees knowledge and competence on working at height.”

All these courses are multi-device compatible (HTML5), meaning that they can be completed on desktop computers, laptops and tablet devices and the mainstream operating systems. Working at Height (100%), Manual Handling (80%) and Dropped Objects (80%) have a final assessment with two banks of randomised questions, which will be given to users until the pass mark is achieved. Slips, Trips and Falls includes a pre-assessment option for those wishing to refresh their existing knowledge instead of sitting the full course.

These 4 courses are available at an exclusive bundle price of £99 + VAT. Buy Now >