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Environmental Range

Our new Environmental range of eLearning courses provides an overview of how to effectively reduce carbon footprints and protect the environment by managing the human impact. The courses feature scenarios from the Oil and Gas industry to illustrate best practice and are applicable to those working in safety critical industries and situations.  

With rapid human growth and industrial development, the earth has suffered. It is estimated that it will take more than 52 years for the ozone layer to recover from damage that has already been done.



The new environmental range covers the various types of emissions and discharges produced by industry and the ways to control these. So far in 2017, over 37 billion tons of waste water have been produced from steel mining alone and 4million tons of plastic have been dumped in the world's oceans this year.


Companies have a responsibility to ensure that they are taking measures to minimise environmental impacts and individuals should be aware of the processes used to deliver these requirements. The courses cover the regulations that industries face with waste disposal and controlled and uncontrolled discharges. More than ¾ of the UK government's environmental protection expenditure was spent on waste management in 2014. 


According to the Office for National Statistics, carbon dioxide accounted for 84.9% of the greenhouse gas emissions in 2014 with only 3% of those emissions from UK offshore oil and gas production. In the Oil and Gas industry, chemicals accidentally released have fallen by 65% since 2010. 

The Atmospheric Emissions and Chemicals courses within this bundle cover chemicals should be released correctly and the regulations associated with emissions from various industries. Scenario based learning is used and this helps to provide a context to implement best judgement and decision making.



Our new eLearning range includes an Environmental Awareness (40mins) course which gives a general overview of the factors that contribute to environmental damage. Now only £35.

There is also a course bundle consisting of five complementary titles starting with Introduction to Environmental Management (30mins), Waste Management (50mins), Oil Releases and Discharges to Sea (45mins), Atmospheric Emissions (40mins) and finally Chemicals (45mins).  The courses explain how various industrial operations affect the environment in different ways, how these can be controlled and how to reduce environmental impacts. 210 mins of learning for £180 (RRP £375)

Our design and development approach utilises the latest techniques and technologies such as interactive scenarios, 3D graphics and adaptive assessment to bring to life the insights and experience from subject matter experts Amec Foster Wheeler.

We combined learning from real case studies with international standards and best practice to create courses that are applicable to learners in different sectors and locations around the world. 

All the courses set out to give awareness of the impact that human actions have on the environment and the way in which the risks and effects can be minimised. The full range of courses are multi-device compatible (HTML5), meaning that they can be completed on desktop computers, laptops and tablet devices using the mainstream operating systems. They feature a final assessment with two banks of randomised questions and an 100% or 80% pass mark. Failed questions will re-direct the learner back to the related content for the learning objective before being assessed again.

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