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Safe Cargo Handling Bundle


The Atlas Safe Cargo Handling bundle has been created to provide safety guidance and best practice to workers involved in packing, handling, unpacking and transporting cargo whether it be by sea or by air. The bundle comprises three complementary digital learning courses, starting with an overview of Safe Cargo Handling (30mins) followed by more specific courses on Dangerous Goods by Air (55mins) and Dangerous Goods by Sea (60mins).

Safe Cargo Handling

Certain roles and people have responsibilities for cargo; before, during and after transportation. The people involved in this process need to be aware of how materials should be packed, marked, inspected and handled to keep both the cargo, and those handling it, safe. This course provides an introductory to Cargo Handling, carriage of goods by Sea and Air, Non-conforming Cargo, Transporting Waste.


Dangerous Goods by Air

The course is designed to help with the identification of package items, which labels and marks they need to bare for shipping and the suitability of the material contained within being safely transported by air. The course has been certified by the Helideck Certification Agency (HCA), which works to ensure the safe landing and take-off of helicopters across the world, and provides a deeper insight into the associated legislation and regulations.

Atlas Knowledge Group, Commercial Director, Kevin Short said: “Receiving the HCA certification is an important acknowledgment of the robust solutions we deliver. It ensures the standard to which organisations can improve the safety of their activities, personnel and ultimately the safe delivery of goods."



It’s vital for oil and gas company personnel involved both on and offshore that they have a good awareness of the information surrounding what is classed as ‘dangerous goods’.

No one wants a situation where an incorrect procedure is followed and potentially endangers flight safety because a hazardous material has been incorrectly identified or labelled. If there is an incident, this course trains workers in how to deal with it in a safe way to meet the regulatory obligations.

HCA managing director Alex Knight said: “The HCA fully supports the programme Atlas is delivering to promote safe helicopter operations across the globe.

There has been a strong focus over the years to increase the safety of offshore workers and helicopter crews in the oil and gas industry. Having the assurance of knowing that your personnel are trained to the same high standard is of the utmost importance to everyone involved. This function specific Atlas solution approved by the HCA will ensure this capability for those who pass the training.”


Dangerous Goods by Sea

Shipping is the most international of the worlds industries and also one of the most dangerous. Atlas identified that there was an increasing need for a Dangerous Goods by Sea course to provide workers with a greater understanding of the rules and regulations concerned with shipping hazardous materials at sea.



The full range of courses are multi-device compatible (HTML5), meaning that they can be completed on desktop computers, laptops and tablet devices and the mainstream operating systems. Safe Cargo Handling has a final assessment with two banks of randomised questions and an 100% pass mark.  Failed questions will re-direct the learner back to the related content for the learning objective before being assessed again.

Both Dangerous Goods by Sea and Dangerous Goods by Air courses include a pre-assessment option for those wishing to refresh their existing knowledge instead of sitting the full course content.

This 145 minute bundle is £100 providing a saving of £150. To view our Safe Cargo Handling bundle, click here.

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