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Travel Risk Awareness Bundle

The Atlas Travel Risk Awareness Bundle has been created to provide safety guidance and best practice for individuals who travel abroad for work or leisure. With each of these topics, prevention is the key and these courses include the awareness level information required to allow you plan accordingly and stay safe. The bundle comprises of three carefully selected complementary courses starting with Personal Safety and Security (30mins), followed by Active Shooter (25mins) and Malaria Awareness (30mins).

Personal Safety and Security

Overseas travelers have long faced the risks of being caught up in criminal activity, civil unrest, and terrorism. However, recent years have seen a worrying increase in attacks against foreigners and groups of specific nationalities or religions. It is important to properly prepare for safety and security threats and to remain vigilant at all times. This course will explore risks that you may face while abroad and help you prepare to stay safe.

With a 25% increase in a number of mobile employees in 10 years, and the number set to rise even further by 2020, travel safety is something that needs to be considered as people become more transient.  

High risk destinations are not the only places that require extra vigilance. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime’s research in 2012  found that although considered safe, Belgium has one of the worst theft rates in the world. Spain is also considered relevantly safe for travel, however has a high robbery rate.

The course covers three main modules: Travel Risks, Principles of Safety & Security and Security Measures has a final assessment with two banks of randomised questions and a 100% pass mark.  Failed questions will re-direct the learner back to the related content for the learning objective before being assessed again.


Active Shooter

Most active shooter incidents are over before law enforcement arrives, so the choices that you make in the first 10 minutes are critical for your chances of survival. The Active Shooter digital learning course has been developed by Atlas Knowledge Group for a specialist global risk consultancy. It has been designed to raise situational awareness, provide guidance on how to identify potential attackers and explain how best to react if an attack occurs.

In 2016 there were 1,441 terror attacks resulting in 14,356 fatalities, and unfortunately these types of incidents are of increasing concern. The course has an 80% pass mark and combines learning from real case studies from around the world with best practice guidance and real-time interactive scenarios to make the content applicable to learners in different situations and locations. For more course information click here

Active Shooter Course Demo

Malaria Awareness

Malaria is a risk in 91 countries around the world mainly in Africa, Asia and South America. In 2015, the World Health Assembly adopted the Global Technical Strategy for Malaria with the aim of reducing malaria by 90% by 2030. This has raised the need for global awareness of the precautions and correct procedures people should take when traveling to countries and areas affected.

The course provides an introduction to Malaria including where it is found as well as the identification process and has an 80% pass mark.



The full range of courses are multi-device compatible (HTML 5), meaning they can be completed on desktop computers, laptops and tablet devices and mainstream operating systems. 

This 85 minute bundle is £75 providing a saving of £75. 

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