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Planning for decommissioning

Key things to consider when Planning for Decommissioning

Decommissioning is a multi-phase, technically challenging process that occurs over an extended period. The complexity of the process depends on the location, size and type of installation, and is influenced by several interrelated issues, including regulatory requirements, environmental sensitivities, cost, removal options and timings. 

Authorised Gas Testing

AGT Level 3 Online Course

Initial Confined Space Entry (CSE) gas testing is normally completed from outside the confined space with the use of probes and pumps. If anyone has been permitted to enter a confined space, to complete either further gas testing or any scope of work, a Standby Person, Watch Keeper or Observer, depending on company terminology, must be present outside.  

Authorised Gas Testing

AGT Level 2 Online

Due to the nature of safety critical production environments, the risk of flammable and toxic gases can be high. Whether they are from process equipment or created by work activities, all must be tested for, and the working environments must be monitored at all times. The authorised gas tester (AGT) role is responsible for performing gas tests on site and ensuring that atmospheres are safe to work in.

Introduction to Authorised Gas Testing

Gas releases and other atmospheric changes can be extremely dangerous in the workplace. They can cause serious injury and death by asphyxiation; and, with the potential for fire and explosion, severe damage to plant and the surrounding environment as well. They are particularly hazardous to people working in confined spaces and during hot work activities. 

Working at height

Working At Height

Attitudes, Assessment & Minimising Risk

Our first blog has been compiled in partnership with our CMIOSH a Chartered safety and health practitioner and Offshore Medic. Stuart has over 16 years' experience in the oil and gas industry in various roles and in challenging conditions around the world.