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International Decommissioning Range

Targeted at the unique and extensive activities involved at the end of field life in the rapidly evolving Oil and Gas decommissioning sector, this new range of digital learning courses provides the essential knowledge and change in mindset required to appreciate the fundamentals of decommissioning. 

Atlas partner with OPITO on Digital Standards Integration

LEADING digital learning technologies company Atlas Knowledge Group is partnering with global oil and gas industry skills and workforce development organisation OPITO on a dynamic transformation to the way the energy workers undertake safety-critical emergency response training.

LPI accredit Atlas Knowledge Group for the 6th year running...

Atlas Knowledge Group was the first company ever to achieve the Learning and Performance Institute’s (LPI) accreditation of those servicing the global safety critical industries.  Six years on and Atlas is still the only sector online provider to be awarded this prestigious accolade.

BREXIT: Making sense of it all

Referendums in the United Kingdom are extremely rare. To date, only three referendums have been held that have involved the whole of the United Kingdom: the first, in 1975, on membership of the European Economic Community (EEC); the second, in 2011, on adopting the Alternative Vote system in parliamentary elections; and the third, in 2016, on whether or not to remain in the European Union. There is no doubt that the most recent is by far the most complex issue, and unless you are Sleeping Beauty you cannot possibly have missed the intensity of the coverage on TV, radio, newspapers and social media.